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What is OxyContin?

OxyContin is an opiate pain reliever, sometimes also known as a narcotic. It is a potent prescription drug that is used to manage high-grade pain when an opiate drug is needed.

OxyContin is used when your pain is not treatable with other pain treatments, such as non-opioid pain medicines or immediate-release opiate drugs. You may buy OxyContin online also if your pain cannot be cured properly, or you may not be able to tolerate it.

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Additional Details about Oxycontin:

  • How long OxyContin lasts depends on the type of OxyContin dosage you have consumed. Commonly, OxyContin can be detected in the body for 3 to 4 hours. This drug is usually detectable in urine and blood.
  • Oxycodone, the primary ingredient in OxyContin, interacts with opiate receptors present in the body tissues. It reduces pain and provides sedation and pleasure.
  • OxyContin is digested in the body after it is taken orally in the form of a tablet or pill. The tablet is designed to be slowly released into the body over time.
  • Once ingested, the digestive system breaks down the tablet, and the active ingredient, oxycodone, is absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • From there, it is distributed throughout the body, including the central nervous system, where it interacts with opioid receptors to relieve pain.
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Primary uses of OxyContin:

  • Helpful in treating temporary or severe pain.
  • Oxycontin helps in treating headaches.
  • It helps in reducing physical pain.
  • OxyContin can help soothe cancer-related pain.
  • It helps reduce pain after the operation.
  • This medication helps reduce pain caused by arthritis and other bone or muscle problems. It may be helpful in treating dental issues (gum infection, toothache, etc.).

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 Physical Attributes of Oxycontin:

  • Color: The color of OxyContin may vary depending on the dosage and strength. Some OxyContin are white in color.
  • Shape: Its tablets may be round or oval and vary according to manufacturers.
  • Imprint: The imprint may contain dosage information and various numbers. The imprint may also contain various symbols and numbers according to manufacturers.

Strength- 10mg

  • Imprint– OP 10
  • Color– White
  • Shape– Round

Strength- 20mg

  • Imprint– OP 20
  • Color– Pink
  • Shape– Round

Strength- 30mg

  • Imprint– OP 30
  • Color– Brown
  • Shape– Round

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Dosage Directions of Oxycontin:

Adult dosage:

Initial dose: 10 mg orally every 12 hours. Dosage should be individualized according to pain severity and previous opioid experience.

Elderly patients:

Initiate dosing carefully, starting at the low end of the dosing range. Frequency: Every 12 hours. Doses should be taken around the clock regularly, not just when pain occurs.

Pediatric patients:

The use of Oxycontin in patients under 18 years has not been established.

Oxycontin is not recommended for below 18 years.

The proper way for Ingestion:

  • You can order Oxycontin online or offline from a reputed retailer.
  • Adhere to the dosage specified by your healthcare provider. Consume OxyContin exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Swallow OxyContin Round tablets whole.
  • Do not try to cut, split, crush, chew, dissolve, destroy, or inject it, as this may put you at risk of overdosing and dying right away.
  • Take OxyContin one tablet at a time. Do not moisten, lick, or wet the tablet entirely before placing it in your mouth so you do not risk choking due to chewing on the tablet.
  • Take your dose of OxyContin at your scheduled time. If you miss a dose, take the next dose at your usual time.
  • If the dosage you are taking is not controlling your pain, contact your healthcare provider.

Alerts and Precautions for use:

  • OxyContin is a narcotic, and taking it in excess can be harmful. Use it only as per the dosage and instructions prescribed by the doctor.
  • Taking more OxyContin than prescribed can harm you. Avoid taking it in excess and follow the instructions.
  • Pay attention to the indications: OxyContin is used to treat pain, but it should not be taken for other indications. Use it only when advised by your doctor.
  • Regular use of OxyContin can make you addicted. Do not stop it suddenly or use it without consulting your doctor.
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What are the Side Effects of Oxycontin?

  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

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