Florida Medical Store - FAQs

What kind of medication does Florida Medical Store have?

At floridamedicalstore.com, we offer a variety of products, including narcotics, non-narcotics, stabilizers, pain relievers, etc. We have all FDA-certified prescription-based drugs for sale.

We have both branded and generic products available at a cheap cost at our pharmacy.

How can I order a drug from the Florida Medical Store?

You can easily order your required medicine from floridamedicalstore.com by following these steps:

  • Search for the brand or name of the medication on our website.
  • Select the needed medicine and dose,
  • Add them to your shopping basket,
  • Check, enter your transportation and charging addresses, and submit your request.

Congratulations! Your order is placed successfully.

How do you give these medications at such a low cost?

We provide all pharmaceutical products at a lower cost than local pharmacies. Our internet pharmacy has a clear and middle-man-free marketing strategy. We spend money only on the product instead of spending on marketing, advertising, and product promotion.

We directly purchase from the companies and sell to customers. Our pharmacy has a direct customer connection, and we don’t need to spend on the sales team.

When will my medicine be delivered?

If we deliver your product by FedEx overnight, it will arrive at your door the next day. We offer this facility to help you purchase and get the product the next day, paying a minor additional fee.

At Florida Medical Store, we address same-day delivery services to help you purchase quality products urgently within the time frame.

For regular orders, we deliver the product within one business week.

How do you handle refunds and cancellations?

If you find any product damaged during shipment, you may return it to us for a refund. Please ask us to send you the updated product. You may request a refund if your order does not arrive or is misplaced. Also, if you do not follow our refund policy, we will be unable to give you a refund.

Are there any hidden charges?

No additional costs or unexpected expenses are associated with any activity you engage in on our website. We continually do business with transparency. You will need to pay the only amount you may see on the website. However, you have to pay the shipping charges for your order.

How does your pharmacy differ from other online pharmacies?

We provide high-quality healthcare goods on our website at competitive prices. Our website is a good choice because we periodically give attractive discounts on all medicines. We offer prescription drugs since we care about all of our clients.

Are there any deals or discounts available in your online shop?

We provide high discounts and lower prices for all of our medical supplies. Additionally, over time, you can also avail yourself of the benefit of our occasional or seasonal offers. By reading the offer description, you can check your eligibility to use the deal. Currently, using “SAVE10” codes will give you an instant 10 percent discount.

What payment methods do you accept at FMS?

We accept multiple payment options for our customers’ convenience. Our safe and easy payment methods include;

Gift Card (10% OFF) using Amex Gift Card, Bitcoin (15% OFF), Bitcoin Cash (10% OFF), and Credit Card (VISA/MasterCard/Discover/American Express)

Are my personal details safe on your website?

At floridamedicalstore.com, we focus on securing your personal and semi-personal details. We carry out different steps to safeguard your data, including information encryption during transmission, secure information stockpiling, consistency with guidelines, and secure correspondence conventions.

Your protection and security are critical to us, and we avoid potential risks to guarantee the secrecy and respectability of your data.

Do you require a prescription for all medicines?

No, we do not require a prescription to sell medicines at our online pharmacy. We have medical experts available to listen to you, investigate your condition, and support the drug you want, all without charging you or asking for a prescription.

Can I track my order when it has been dispatched?

When your order has been sent, you can track it on our website, and we will provide all the details related to shipping. Give the details, like your name, following ID, or request number, and you will be allowed to see the continuous status of your shipment.

Are the drugs you sell on your site legal and approved by the FDA?

Yes, the medications we sell on our site are legal and FDA-approved, meeting regulatory health standards. You can purchase them legally.